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Pre-Anesthetic Instructions

If you will receive intravenous medications for general anesthesia or sedation you must refrain from eating or drinking for at least nine hours prior to your appointment. You may drink water up to four hours prior to your surgery. Unless I specifically instruct you to do otherwise, you should take prescribed medications as directed by your physician with a small amount of water, notwithstanding your impending anesthetic or sedation.

You should wear loose fitting, lightweight and comfortable clothing to your surgical appointment. A short-sleeved shirt is preferable, as I will need your arms exposed for intravenous access and for placement of a blood pressure monitoring cuff. Do not wear facial makeup or lipstick to your surgery appointment.

After your anesthetic or sedation, a responsible adult must accompany you from my office. Unless you will be discharged to the care of a competent adult who will assume responsibility for your safe transport home, we cannot perform the scheduled surgery.

If you are scheduled for a routine office procedure with local anesthesia and/or inhalation analgesia, (i.e. laughing gas), you do not need to fast before surgery and you can transport yourself to and from our office.

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