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Bone Grafting

Grafting refers to the implantation of biologic tissue or a synthetic tissue substitute. Grafting can augment deficient hard and soft tissues for functional reconstruction and cosmetic improvement. Bone grafting the jaws can increase the amount of bone available to place dental implants.

Autografts use your own bone harvested from a distant site (chin, posterior mandible, posterior maxilla, hip, tibia, etc.), and transplanted to the recipient site.

Allografts come from human donors and include variations of bone blocks, bone granules and bone powders.

Xenografts come from non-human sources. Bio-Oss® is a bovine derived bone product commonly used in oral surgery and periodontal therapy.

Recombinant products are genetically engineered and laboratory mass-produced natural tissues and/or proteins. Commonly used recombinant graft materials include Infuse® (recombinant bone morphogenic protein, i.e. rhBMP-2) and PepGen® (recombinant platelet derived tissue growth factor, i.e. rhPDTGF, combined with bovine bone).

Synthetic graft materials are non-organic manufactured bone substitute products. Perioglass® and Biogran® are examples.

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