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Dental Implants

dental implantsDental implants are surgically placed anchors or foundations for prosthetic teeth. Once implants bond (integrate) to the bone, they can be used for a variety of prosthetic tooth replacement needs. Full integration usually takes three months for lower jaw implants and six months for upper jaw implants. Your restorative dentist may fabricate a temporary prosthesis, i.e. dentures or provisional crown(s), while you wait for implant integration. Implant retained dentures snap onto implants for stability. Crowns and fixed, (i.e. non-removable), bridges can be wholly supported by dental implants. Sometimes implants are placed at the time teeth are removed. More commonly, implants are placed after a period of healing following dental extractions.

Because each implant patient is unique and one implant does not fit all, I offer a variety of implant options from multiple manufacturers. I can place Astra, Straumann, Southern, Bicon and 3I implants. Southern implants are compatible with Nobel Biocare and Straumann restorative fixtures. I work closely with your restorative dentist to coordinate my surgical treatments, his or her restorative goals, and your dental needs.

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